Natalia Triantafylli (1992) is a Greek designer and maker based
in South London. She holds an MA from the Royal College of
Art in Design Products (class of 2021), where she was awarded
with a full scholarship by the Burberry Design Foundation.
Her work looks into schemas such as luxury, fetish and wander
for their transportitive qualities; to unlock dreams and provide
a sense of being out-of-place.

Her latest collection ‘Chimeras and Hybrids’ is an amalgamation
between handbuilt ceramics and their 3D printed alter egos.
The way she is creating the digital parts of the work is very
much hands-on. She doesn’t 3D model them but instead she
shapes the forms out of clay. These clay forms will later be digitized using photogrammetry enabling her to create a 3D
model out of pictures of an object.





ALCOVA23 /Milan Design Week


‘The Futurists’ / Mint Gallery Shop, London Design Festival

‘Out of Place’ / Brompton Design District, London Design Festival

‘FOKUS: Ornament’ / Vienna Design Week

‘Material Fixations’ / ALCOVA 22, Milan Design Week

‘Let Them Eat Fake’ / Bad Art Presents, London


‘The Lost Graduation Show’ / Rho Fiera, Milan Design Week

‘New Contracts’ / Royal College of Art, London Design Week

‘Keramiko Design’ / Mon Coin Studio, Athens

‘Not Applicable’ / Cream Athens